A year ago, today

I took part in an internship that changed my life. The Disney College Program taught me so many things about myself as well as people in general. It made me realize how strong of a person I am and when I forget I have memories to rely back on that remind me of my strength.

Let’s start from the very beginning. So, one day I applied on a whim because my friend was recommending it and I thought “ehh why not?”. I honestly didn’t think I was going to get in because if any of you are aware of the odds, they aren’t exactly great. When I got my acceptance letter not only could I not believe it, I cried like a baby. Getting into this program was honestly one of my biggest accomplishments as well as one of my biggest blessings. This program gave me back much more than I ever gave to it and for that I am eternally grateful.

I’ve always been somewhat shy (okay, extremely) but Disney took me out of my comfort zone every day that I was working. I did it for so long that by the end of my program, I wanted to be out of my comfort zone. Talking to people from all over the world, every day is an extremely unique experience. Disney taught me patience and to be humble as well as to not curse out back the person yelling at you. People are impatient and rude but you gotta swallow it and move on with your day. Why? Because in your day you will also meet a family that you will want to bend over backwards because of how nice they are.

The friendships I made during my program are the type of friendships you make once in a lifetime. Needless to say that when our programs all ended, depression hit hard. These friends that I love all very dearly, from roommates to coworkers, took a piece of my heart wherever they went home to. I guess for me this was the hardest part of the end of my program, saying goodbye. In the beginning I didn’t think that I would meet people or make friends for that matter. But I did and I’m so glad for it. Everyone I met touched my life and impacted it for the good.

“How was the Disney College Program?” The only question people will ever ask you after you get back from your program. What’s my answer? “Oh, it was amazing!”. Why? Because I don’t know how to answer. There are no words for all the emotions that are related to that question. There are no words to describe the magic I felt all those months. There are no words to describe how much I miss my second home. There are no words to describe the person I’ve become because of it. There are no words to describe how creating magic for others is my favorite thing in the world. There are no words.

“Would you do it all over again?”…. In a heart beat.

-Ipseity Girl


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