Creepy Santa Claus

Today was too hectic for my friend’s and my own good. Since summer has started, any and all errands needed to be run are of course thrown at me by my parents. You may think, how many errands can they possibly be throwing at her? I swear I am not being dramatic when I say I was driving all day. The thing is my family has recently opened up a new clinic and we are trying to get some exposure by going to daycares and letting them know of the clinic. Well, not only did I visit six different daycares, I also had to go to a doctor’s office because his signature was needed for one of our clients to start therapy.

So as I wait in the waiting room, not really sure why because I was supposed to just drop it off and they could have fax it back to us. The lady in the front tells me to just sit and wait. After what seems like a forever forty-five minutes I want to cry. I get up to tell the lady to just take it because I am leaving and then she tells me to wait that they are going to place me in a room. In a room? I just needed the guy to sign the stupid paper. At this point I was annoyed but it seemed like things might be moving along. Was I right though? NOPE. I then sit in the room for another painful thirty minutes. Then, guess what? I GOT SENT TO ANOTHER ROOM.

At this point I hit two hours for a simple signature so I get up, go to the receptionists and tell her that I am leaving. At this second my friend that was with me was able to catch the doctor in the hallway and called him in to sign the papers for us. He seemed nice, yet had a creepy santa vibe look to him. Once he realized what we needed him to sign he started getting angry and yelling at us because apparently there is a protocol to this and the parents of the child were supposed to be doing what we were doing. Why? So he can charge his patients to literally sign a piece of paper. How fucked up is that?

Anyway, I finally got the signatures and was able to leave that horrible place. I might actually take time out of my day to give him a horrible review on yelp or something. It really saddens me that just because I am young, people like him think they have the rite to talk down to us. If I was any older no way would he have talked to me the way he did. If I give you respect, it’s only simple courtesy to return it. Asshole.

-Ipseity Girl


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